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Resume writing

Resume is the most important document in the world of employment. Without it, no profile can be checked and verified or there would be no interview calls.  Did you know who used first Resume? It was first Leonardo da Vinci, renowned painter, architect and engineer who is credited with the first resume, although it was in the format of a letter and this is recorded historically between 1481-1482 by an employer, Ludovico Sforza.

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The word 'resume' comes from the French word 'resume' which  means " Summary"


Early 1900s, resumes began to carry height, weight, marital status and religion and it was not until 1950 that a Resume document became a mandatory document for jobs and also to add personal interests and hobbies.  In 1970s, when digital age began, resume got a professional presentation.

Let's see how Resumes or CV (Curriculum Vitae) is viewed across the globe:

U.S., U.K, Europe
  • Line by Line list of accomplishments
  • Photograph
  • Marital status on CV
Follow this pattern in Europe, Australia, Latin America, North America, Asia and the Middle East
  • State your strengths
  • Convey personal qualifications and characteristics making your profile highlight your value for hiring
  • Include LinkedIn profile
  • Watch Language and style of writing

1. North America

  • Called as Resume, limited to two pages, but written elaborately.
  • Quote skills, achievements, expertise
  • Incorporate industry jargon
  • Market yourself for the job position
  • Highlight your efforts throughout the Resume
  • Avoid including personal information
  • Trim first-page of Resume to the best 
  • Check local language and style of writing (Canada, British - example: organization, organisation)
2. Europe & Latin America

  • Call it a CV 
  • Keep the writing style as basic
  •  Include personal details
  • Include social skills
  • Recheck the particulars
  • Use British English
  • Printed on U.S A4 size paper 8/11 inches
3. Asia and Middle East

  • Write an introduction and summarize professional attributes (Also called as "executive branding statement)
  • Avoid being general
  • Check whether U.S style is preferred

4. Australia

  • Use Australian English and punctuation (Grammar, spelling, vocabulary)
  •  Be direct and clear in writing about previous roles and responsibilities
  • Avoid personal information, photograph and age
  • Use A4 size paper
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