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10 Resume Tips for do-it-yourself resume writing


How to find the do's and don'ts of resume writing?

Resume document continues to stay high for recruitment. Recruiting managers prefer the soft/hard copies as profiles keep coming for filling up vacancies. Did you know, start-ups and growing companies hire the best talent who can produce best results. 
Since this is the only copy that you need to succeed in job search, it's apparent that you dedicate more time to write, read, proof read, revise and re-read several times.
The following do's and don'ts of resume writing help you through to the process of job applications and further preparation for interview.

Do's of Resume
1. Go through online resume examples, first. Read and understand how these are crafted.
2. Assess how exactly you need your resume, slightly different from samples, but effectively readable.
3. A professional resume is presentably, readable and search-able.
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4. A valuable resume has - simple and short sentences, job-related keyw…