What are the components of a Resume?

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When you are in search for a job, the first document that you look for is your resume. How to write a resume? With plenty of online guidance, writing a resume may be an easy job, but winning in interviews and getting interview calls may be a difficult part. Because, there are many applicants who fail to write a good resume that is closely relevant to the job they are targeting.

In this blog post, I am going to discuss some of the crucial areas for resume success.

1. Name :

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 Choose good font and the size of the font should be preferably big as against the font size of the content written in different components of resume.

Write only First name and Last. Avoid Middle Name

2. Address: 

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Address has to be in small font and ensure to get it in just one line.

3. Contact number and Email:

Arrange it in just one line and ensure accurate visibility.

4. Core Competencies: 

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Add some of the best skills you are good at that qualifies you.

5. Work Experience:


 If you are a fresher, you can avoid this section and give the best focus on your academic projects. For those who are experienced and continuing to be in the same line of industry, add your job position, name of company and span of work in each company.

6. Technology skills

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Software programming, web technologies and applications are required to be stated here for every job, as it will enhance your profile.

7. Achievements / Accomplishments: 

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This section is quite essential as it will indicate your work achievements that builds your profile and increases scope to recruit you.

8. Education: 

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Name of university, course completed and year of completion are required here.


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Amidst of stiff competition, it may appear as a difficult job to write your resume. But, just make it to stand out, then you are successful in winning a job fast.

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