Executive Resume Service: What to know about it?

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As compared to the regular resume writing, writing an executive resume is definitely hard. What I mean here is that even experienced resume writers feel it that way about writing an executive resume. Not because it is hard or difficult, but because, there is more work required to produce the best and talking-resume that effectively produces results.

This is why, you see many resume writing services that are willing to work on junior / middle-level / upper-middle level job resumes. Because it is much easier to write as the qualifications, work history and skills are easy-to-frame.

What is an Executive Resume?
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With many responsibilities cast on executives, their qualifications are very high in terms of their expertise and professional knowledge. Their act of dependence and reliability are much higher that company's management board trusts the senior executives to implement their decisions.

Therefore, an Executive Resume has data-driven results and this is likely to be in sales growth, marketing expansion, product promotion, corporate affairs, legal panel or any other. Remember that they are either thorough professionals in just one arena / field or more that qualifies them for top job title.

To create, design or redesign resume in this respect, a resume writer requires the following:

-  widely experienced in writing executive resumes
- Plethora of knowledge in various subjects, viz., finance, marketing, sales, Information technology, Operations etc.,
- Skills to assess, collect, analyze and highlight
- Ability to craft, high quality content
- Skills to project a conversing-resume

Mere writing a resume may not be enough to the success of a resume. The point is, having written an executive resume, the results should be very good. It must deliver complete satisfaction and help understand the readers about the strength and synergy of a profile

Who are Executives?

 The job title of an Executive is a senior position in an organization that is vis-a-vis to the level of CEO. CTO. COO or VP. Their role is most crucial that sometimes they make major decisions and planning for sales, marketing, finance and human resource.

To run an organization for high profits, it is most common practice to recruit senior executives who are well-equipped with required and necessary skills to make the employees and teams work collectively and efficiently.

Mostly they are the bosses in a company and they receive reports about daily performance and ideally called as leaders who manage, supervise, control, monitor and regulate the working rules in an organization.

They retain the veto to reorganize framework for every growth and active results. Not only management, but they are also experts in finance, IT, human resource, sales and marketing.  For every major decision, they play a vital role.

A wide range of companies hire senior executives depending on their requirements and needs. In fact a CEO holds major stake in the operations of a company.

How to start Executive Resume Services?

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So you have decided to launch a resume writing service for executives. With your good start, the first step is to have your own website and blog, and publish blog posts / articles for wide audience. What to write? The answer is all about executive resume writing.

Writing a resume for this sector of audience, is expensive and it may range between $500-$1000 or it may vary regionally.

You should first know the pattern and format and this is to know that there are sections of key responsibilities and accomplishments. This is the most important section as it details the line of high accomplishments and further creates a better opportunity for challenging positions.

Mostly there are three models of resume:

- Chronological
- Functional
- Combined

How to advertise your services?

The best way to start is to advertise your services with the help of Google. Google ads are very convenience and help you to easily get started. Next, create your business page on facebook and have a good Linkedin profile.

The essential aspect is that your success as a resume writer is highly depending on your writing, efficiency and skills to satisfy clients.

Practice Writing Sample Resumes

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Write senior executive resume or rewrite the samples already available online. This will build your calibre and adds to write in conversant style. Read, revise, edit and rewrite your samples. The time you dedicate in resume writing practice will never go in waste. In fact it will bring high confidence levels for you to take up the most hard or hardest resumes.

Basic Groundwork Before Writing

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There are few important aspects to make a note of and these are:

- Prepare a questionnaire depending on the profile and also analyze about the target job - what are the essentials, the parameters of information and content necessary to add, excluding the irrelevant information and making the resume absolutely job-focused.

It is a recommended to start with work experience / work history section and organize the content systematically. That is when you arrive at a conclusion about the top 5 / 10 accomplishments of profile and you can wok on a graph or a matrix chart to highlight the specialization of profile.

Write several questions and get answers as this will provide an analytical view to frame content.

 Resume writing for senior executives is a tough job and if you are determined to make it a success, dedicated hard work and delivering 100% satisfaction are the key elements. Also be ready and willing to revise the content until you are totally satisfied before it is delivered to client. There is very less competition in the resume writing market for executive resume services, because it is a rare top quality service.

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