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Professional Resume Help: How to Know About it?

Employment for millions is a regular source of income.  Globally employment opportunities are relatively high as the world of technology and globalization are still in vogue. According to United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), there is a vast decrease in unemployment rate as per the data in 2015. (source: Unemployment decreasing in most UNECE countries)

While the rise in industrial and corporate grow is on high, there are few top job categories that are greatly in demand. These are:

- Software engineering
- Web designing
- Computer Language Programming
- Digital Marketing
- E-commerce
- Mobile Application Development
- Hotel Management
- Travel / Tourism
- Flight / Airport staff
- CRM / Business / Finance / Marketing / Sales

Resume comes first when you are applying for a job. How to write a resume? Can I hire a resume writer? Can I write my resume? How to prepare for an interview? These are some of the immediate questions that pop and do not worry, I will discuss some…

Professional Resume Helper: How to Find Good Help

A professional resume helper comes in two different types and the first kind is readily available resume samples that help you through the process of writing and second type is a resume writing professional or helper who has thorough knowledge to write your resume professionally. Know the difference between help and advice. Read my blog post - Get to know more on resume writing advice

So let us analyze the difference between professional resume helper and resume writing advice. While helper will explore various opportunities to bring the best in your resume, an advice is limited to the extent of your profile, how-to-write-resume, job opportunities available, how-to-apply and how to face the competition.

In this blog post, I  will discuss, how a professional resume helper will enable you to succeed in job search. Let us say, you are in search of a new job / or your first job. What is the first step? You will visit job portals and check available jobs that match with your profile. Read…

Get to Know More on Resume Writing Advice

The most important and common question, how can I seek resume writing advice? Where can I find? How will I find good guidance? In this blog post, I will discuss about resume writing and some of the best tips and advice that will be of good help.

In my experience as a resume writer, I noticed that every profile and the needs of a job seeker vary distinctly. So I had to conduct a thorough research and design a resume as per the requirements of an applicant. The point I am emphasizing here is, as a job seeker, first you need to look into some of important aspects that are as follows:

- What kind of a job are you interested in?
- Why are you interested in this particular job?
- What are your near-end and future job goals that can make you as a prospective applicant
- Do you qualify for the skills that you wish to apply for?
- Are you ready to compete and how effective is your resume?
- Are you confident that you will be totally satisfied, if you get recruited in new job?

 These questions help in …

How to know about writing a Technical Resume