3 Questions for first-job Resume

As a Graduate or an undergraduate, searching for your first job is a common effort and you hunt to get placed soon. You have worked on your resume. It has been submitted to job portals, employers and companies directly, but you receive no response.

Some of the common perspectives of job entrants is that companies do not hire without work experience or they look for high qualifications and subject areas that give more scope to assign job tasks or any other.
Your First Resume
With or without any second thought, you should be working on your resume to get a call from employer. Ask these questions.

1. How company will view my education and GPA

Small companies search for fresh job seekers who have just finished college. They look at GPA and major subjects you have studied.

Your scores, college project work, active participation and contribution to the college determines your abilities, capabilities, smartness and dynamic nature.

GPA indicates about your level of performance in the college which essentially determines a fact that if you have studied well, your scores will definitely be on the higher side.

Resumes for the First-Time Job Hunter (Professional Resumes Series) 2. What are my skills to demonstrate at work

Skills at work include, friendly and presentable, zeal to learn and work, adaptability, flexibility and a lot of interest to grow in career.
Mastering A Career Fair: A Simple and Direct Guide For Landing Your First Job Out of College
Timely attendance, regular for work and giving more are some of the essentials that will put you through the job.

3. Have I worked as a volunteer

Getting familiarized with a volunteer organization not only makes you a better person but it will also shape your career.

Mentioning it in your resume will shortlist you and get you a job very soon.


Finding your first job may appear as cumbersome, but you can start off part-time before you go full-time.

How to Find a Job Fast: Job Search Techniques for the 21st Century It will build your work skills fast.


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