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10 Tips for writing Director's Resume

Although there are quite a number of resume formats available for developing a Director's Resume, you cannot adapt the same kind of format and style for every position of a director.

1.Some of the Directors held positions are as follows:

- Director (Communications)
- Director (Sales & Marketing)
- Director (IT Management)
- Director (Customer Service)
- Director (Ecommerce)
- Director (Human Resource)
- Director (Business Development)
- Director (Finance)
- Director (Creative)

2.Resume Format and Style

Depending on the industry worked, responsibilities held and accomplishments achieved will help to design a Director's resume. While it is quite a tough job, analysing the details will provide a helpline to select a format for the resume. Mostly it will be a chronological resume as the extensive work experience will contribute to reach the position of a director which will definitely invite regular service record.

3.Profile Summary

This section being the most important, it requires a…

3 Tips To Find a Best Job with your Resume

Have you ever noticed why you are not getting response from the employer or a recruiter? Whatever may be the reason, your resume requires a re-working. Why? Because your resume is the only document to promote you and there are plenty of employment opportunities waiting to hire you.

There are many free resume software systems available and some of these are:

1. ResumeNow

2. Livecareer

3. Myresumewizard

4. Resume Genius

5. ResumeFactory

6. Resume Help

7. Resume


9.Smart Resume Builder

The system will guide you through the process of preparing a job winning resume. While there are plenty of professional resume writers, you must hire according to your job search.

1.Join your friends for resume writing help

By seeking a helpline from a resume writing group, you will learn more about resume writing skills and how to write a job-winning  resume. Also by seeking resume writing advice from veteran resume writers you will understand more about job market.

2.Download Resume Writ…

4 Tips To Choose a Resume Writing Service That Wins You a Good Job

With plenty of resume writing services coming up offering services, it is quite interesting to research about resume writing service reviews before you choose to work on your resume. There are many articles on resume writing tips that will guide you through the process to get you a good job.

Additionally there are resume writing forums and certified resume writing training websites to help you understand as to how a job-winning resume is prepared. However, knowing about one's own potential, expertise and knowledge will definitely bring a call for interview.

The following guideline will help to choose the best resume writing service:

1. Professional Reviews by customers

Customers who have drawn the services definitely rate the services. This indicates a review that will help you to choose and secondly, the samples given will also prove to be of great value. When you are assigned with a resume writer, a major point of discussion will enable you to disclose what exactly you want from you…

3 Things To Consider To Submit a Resume for Part-Time Job

If you have made up your mind to search for a part-time job, the first thing to consider your resume. You will have to work on your resume and few additional factors discussed as follows:

1. Accurate Details on your Resume

As a college student or a high-school student, your resume does not have any work experience which is why, you should consider writing more about your education.

- Provide Name, address, contact No / mail-id

- Resume objective to be stated as an effort to learn about work environment that helps your career in the future.

- Your objective statement should not be more than two lines that directs your employer to know you and give a view on your resume.

- Projects  / Interested areas must also be provided.

2. Specific or Multiple Skills

With or without experience, you are applying for the job.  Your emphasis must be on your skills so far learned and it could be any favorite subject, sports, music or any other.

This conveys to the employer that you are quite a good learner willi…

How To Get Your First Job

Global job market is circumvented by many barriers to confront unemployment challenges. In spite of technology advancement with social media at its peak, there is still unemployment and for millennial, it appears as a hard task.

Economist indicates that at least 6% of young people between 15 - 24 yrs are either lack in education or do not have a job.  In other words, according to OECD, 26 million people are neither educated nor have any education.

According to World Economic Forum and ILO (International Labour Organization) the following countries are having high-skilled work force.
LuxembourgSingaporeSwitzerlandIsraelIcelandSwedenNorwayNetherlandsNew Zealand(Source: Forbes)
Now comes a question to get into a suitable job that your resume speaks about and reviewing your education, credentials and acquired skills,  it is time to assess what type of job description suits your resume.
Upload your resume to the following job portals: MonsterCareer BuilderSimplyhiredTimesjobsLinkedInConclusion