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Social Media Jobs: Get Hired Easily

Social Media Strategy is now part of business strategy and it demands that there is more need for social media experts. Global  stats indicate that nearly 3.175 billion are active Internet users.

Social Media active users are 2.206 Billion which confirms a fact that there is users are more interested in getting on to the use of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and other.

This data explores more significance to state that both SMEs and corporate organizations will be in need of social media experts.

Some of the prospective careers in Social Media are:

Social Media ManagerSales Consultant - Social MediaSocial Media - Brand AmbassadorSocial Media - Marketing & CommunicationsDigital Social Media AnalystSocial Media Coordinator Finding a job in the field of social media would be much easier due to the fact that the network is still premature and you have the best chance to find a good placement.
Skill Essentials
If you are qualified in Digital Media Marketing, that is perfect to st…

Preparation for Interviews: Tips and Guidelines

The hour and time of interview can be quite a bit of stress. With multiple preparation and few career prospects, your session of rehearsal has been very good. The questions that you have prepared may or may not be asked by interviewer for the fact being, they can assess your psychology, education, work expertise, skills and an over view about your job profile.

So what is your net step and how are going to help yourself by getting through the interview. The following facts will guide you for interview preparation.

- Your Resume is unique and stands out

- Your work profile is outstanding and no one can overtake you

-The experience of your job is valuable to the employer

- Adequate service record and accomplishments

- Highly expert and market knowledge to resolve problems.

-  Gives confidentiality tone to the interview panel that you are fit and best

- Going to build company sales management to perfect level.

- Maximized communication skills, art of negotiation and human resource management


4 Tips for Salary Negotiation

Salary negotiation at the time of interview can appear as a hard task. But there are several ways of doing discussing about it. Sometimes employers make it an easy job by offering a figure and ask you to accept it.

At times, you may have to request a salary figure and you will be thinking whether you were right in quoting the salary emoluments.

But if an analysis is made on this aspect you will know the following details.

- You are selected for your qualified and approved capabilities for the job position
- Salary you were offered was a fit fora period of time and likely to increase along with your experience
- Your company will keep a track of your performance and will increase your pay
- New job is also coming with certain challenges and your salary is fixed according to your qualifications and experience
- You are negotiating with the employer that you are more than fit for the job known for efficiency, perfection and skill.
- You need to deliver confidence to the management that your sala…

Challenges in Sales Career: How to Overcome and Stay.Successful

Career in sales can be very challenging and every quarter, you have a target to achieve. How to achieve a sales target is always a major challenge.

As a sales manager, you need both online and offline advertising and marketing until you surpass sales figure set for you.

While it is definitely a big challenge, you need to work from the bottom line to identify who your prospects are and how to reach them for buying your company products.

True that many sales managers have were successful, but now it is your turn to achieve.

Tips to achieve your sales targets

- Overcoming challenges and motivating your team is the first step.

- Sales Plan and a menu chart for executing your sales plan is also essential to earn more customers.

- A working and profitable sales manager is always self-motivated, self-energetic and prepares his staff to deliver more than expected.

- Simple tips, techniques, guidelines, tools and resources are required to execute your sales management strategy and plan.

- You need to e…

Ideal Part-time Jobs to Find Easily

Finding a part-time job can be a daunting job when employers are in need of full-time employees.

But there are a few recruiting agencies who require part-time workers to work in busy restaurants, fast food restaurants and shopping malls.

A part-time job offers plenty of convenience to pursue education, take care of home or any other activities.

Especially for mothers at home, this is a monetary source to either find a tutoring job or knitting, sewing or any other easy-to-do job.

For students in college or university, part-time employment to work in a canteen, or university library or as a cashier, it is quite helpful to pay monthly bills.

If you are 50+ and trying to find a part-time job, there are many job opportunities that help to find a suitable job that becomes a regular activity to earn some cash.

Finding a job becomes much simpler when you have a good resume that describes about your education, skills and your interest for work.

Changing part-time job frequently may not be a g…

3 Resume Strategies to Apply for a New Job

Search for a new job is a regular practice for young and aging professionals. While there could be many reasons for shifting to a new job, it is most likely that you would have a specific strategy to get into a new job.

Creating your resume in a specific arena would explore more job opportunities and this could be to go into a senior position or middle-level or upper-middle-level.

However, the approach to a new job should be a combination of your extensive work experience, education and work profile.

It is true that sometimes resume writers work very hard to bring a ten page resume two pages and that is the efficiency of an effective senior manager to have recorded multiple accomplishments which will help to reach a senior placement easily.

So the three important resume strategies would be:

1. Find a specifically suitable placement that is completely relevant

Functioning as head of the department, if you have coordinated  with senior management and staff to produce an excellent productivity…

Job Interview: Tips for winning a job

Have you ever been disappointed, because you were not successful in your job interview?
It happens sometimes, but you should not give up your efforts to continue.  There are many job fairs, job ads and recruitment agencies to assist genuinely profiled resumes.
There is much need to prepare and it can be one day, two days or more. Essentially, it is quite important to pay attention to what you are learning prior to the date of interview.
With or without employment experience, you must first understand more about your college education, the subjects in which you achieved Grades and your communication skills.

- What were your subjects in college
- Why did you apply for this job
- Would you be willing to join immediately
- Have you worked as a volunteer
- What are your future plans
- How long will you stay with the company
Interviewers and company management do background check  sometimes. Therefore it is essential that you provide a good impression both internally and externally and present yourse…

3 Questions for first-job Resume

As a Graduate or an undergraduate, searching for your first job is a common effort and you hunt to get placed soon. You have worked on your resume. It has been submitted to job portals, employers and companies directly, but you receive no response.

Some of the common perspectives of job entrants is that companies do not hire without work experience or they look for high qualifications and subject areas that give more scope to assign job tasks or any other.
Your First Resume
With or without any second thought, you should be working on your resume to get a call from employer. Ask these questions.

1. How company will view my education and GPA

Small companies search for fresh job seekers who have just finished college. They look at GPA and major subjects you have studied.

Your scores, college project work, active participation and contribution to the college determines your abilities, capabilities, smartness and dynamic nature.

GPA indicates about your level of performance in the college w…

4 Facts for Profile Summary in Resume

Employer takes a first look at profile summary. Because it makes his job much easier either to discard or shortlist your resume.

How to write an effective, winning profile summary can be a daunting question that is relevant to the job description. While few resume writing services have enough experience to write a resume that wins, others keep trying working hard on this aspect.

1.What Does a profile summary convey

Your expertise, tenure of service, skills, achievements made and how capable you are for a particular field is clearly stated that conveys complete, full and final view about you is understood by an employer or HR Manager.
Summary: Get the Job You Want, Even When No One's Hiring - Ford R. Myers: Take Charge of Your Career, Find a Job You Love, and Earn What You Deserve!

They want facts, expert areas and capabilities to accept bigger challenges. Even though you achieved, but if it not reflecting on your resume. There is no success, because nobody has read about your hard …

3 Guiding Tips for Job Seekers in 2016

Job search never ends  and it is a never ending process. Veteran senior executives and professionals agree to the fact that the corporate ladder is always one-step-at-a-time and the formula of "slow and steady" has always proved to be a success.

If you have achieved and accomplished all that has been set by your company with A grade, as the company management begin to appreciate you, it is time now for you to think what is your next level of promotion in the current job or the next job.

When you plan for a change, your resume comes first and you will look for a well-versed experienced resume writer to give the best results working on your resume.

1. Make Appreciate Decisions

Mistakes are bound to happen knowingly or unknowingly. But errors should not be repeated. You must take every measure of care to stay careful with your job search and get placed. Whether it is your first job or a senior level placement, you need to have your cognitive tools to put you ahead and get going.

10 Tips for writing Director's Resume

Although there are quite a number of resume formats available for developing a Director's Resume, you cannot adapt the same kind of format and style for every position of a director.

1.Some of the Directors held positions are as follows:

- Director (Communications)
- Director (Sales & Marketing)
- Director (IT Management)
- Director (Customer Service)
- Director (Ecommerce)
- Director (Human Resource)
- Director (Business Development)
- Director (Finance)
- Director (Creative)

2.Resume Format and Style

Depending on the industry worked, responsibilities held and accomplishments achieved will help to design a Director's resume. While it is quite a tough job, analysing the details will provide a helpline to select a format for the resume. Mostly it will be a chronological resume as the extensive work experience will contribute to reach the position of a director which will definitely invite regular service record.

3.Profile Summary

This section being the most important, it requires a…

3 Tips To Find a Best Job with your Resume

Have you ever noticed why you are not getting response from the employer or a recruiter? Whatever may be the reason, your resume requires a re-working. Why? Because your resume is the only document to promote you and there are plenty of employment opportunities waiting to hire you.

There are many free resume software systems available and some of these are:

1. ResumeNow

2. Livecareer

3. Myresumewizard

4. Resume Genius

5. ResumeFactory

6. Resume Help

7. Resume


9.Smart Resume Builder

The system will guide you through the process of preparing a job winning resume. While there are plenty of professional resume writers, you must hire according to your job search.

1.Join your friends for resume writing help

By seeking a helpline from a resume writing group, you will learn more about resume writing skills and how to write a job-winning  resume. Also by seeking resume writing advice from veteran resume writers you will understand more about job market.

2.Download Resume Writ…

4 Tips To Choose a Resume Writing Service That Wins You a Good Job

With plenty of resume writing services coming up offering services, it is quite interesting to research about resume writing service reviews before you choose to work on your resume. There are many articles on resume writing tips that will guide you through the process to get you a good job.

Additionally there are resume writing forums and certified resume writing training websites to help you understand as to how a job-winning resume is prepared. However, knowing about one's own potential, expertise and knowledge will definitely bring a call for interview.

The following guideline will help to choose the best resume writing service:

1. Professional Reviews by customers

Customers who have drawn the services definitely rate the services. This indicates a review that will help you to choose and secondly, the samples given will also prove to be of great value. When you are assigned with a resume writer, a major point of discussion will enable you to disclose what exactly you want from you…

3 Things To Consider To Submit a Resume for Part-Time Job

If you have made up your mind to search for a part-time job, the first thing to consider your resume. You will have to work on your resume and few additional factors discussed as follows:

1. Accurate Details on your Resume

As a college student or a high-school student, your resume does not have any work experience which is why, you should consider writing more about your education.

- Provide Name, address, contact No / mail-id

- Resume objective to be stated as an effort to learn about work environment that helps your career in the future.

- Your objective statement should not be more than two lines that directs your employer to know you and give a view on your resume.

- Projects  / Interested areas must also be provided.

2. Specific or Multiple Skills

With or without experience, you are applying for the job.  Your emphasis must be on your skills so far learned and it could be any favorite subject, sports, music or any other.

This conveys to the employer that you are quite a good learner willi…

How To Get Your First Job

Global job market is circumvented by many barriers to confront unemployment challenges. In spite of technology advancement with social media at its peak, there is still unemployment and for millennial, it appears as a hard task.

Economist indicates that at least 6% of young people between 15 - 24 yrs are either lack in education or do not have a job.  In other words, according to OECD, 26 million people are neither educated nor have any education.

According to World Economic Forum and ILO (International Labour Organization) the following countries are having high-skilled work force.
LuxembourgSingaporeSwitzerlandIsraelIcelandSwedenNorwayNetherlandsNew Zealand(Source: Forbes)
Now comes a question to get into a suitable job that your resume speaks about and reviewing your education, credentials and acquired skills,  it is time to assess what type of job description suits your resume.
Upload your resume to the following job portals: MonsterCareer BuilderSimplyhiredTimesjobsLinkedInConclusion