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Resume Objective Statement examples for Internships

During the time of degree education, you will always be aspiring for a good internship program to learn and gain some kind of work experience. It brings a lot of inspiration, encouragement and willingness to search for a good job after attaining graduation. There are many companies that look for fresh graduates or graduate students to work as trainees.

Objective statement in Resume

So the basic requirement of documents includes your resume and your identification from college/university. After your name and contact details on your resume, the most significant part is to write your objective statement. As a student, you are still pursuing your studies and may not have an idea as to how a company functions, its activities and its operations. But you have an objective for your career, which means your ambitions, goals and future plans. So it is important to be brief and to the point saying that you are a student of graduation or a Ph.D student seeking to find placement in certain area of …