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Why can't I get a job with my resume?

As hundreds of job seekers pursue their careers, finding a job with resume plays a crucial role. With or without internship or volunteer experience, there is always a hesitation and anxiety in the submission of online resume and cover letter. Most of the job seekers miss one or more aspects of resume that completely takes away the job opportunity.

In order to be successful in getting a job with your resume and cover letter, ensure to follow these steps.

1. Give emphasis on education, if you are a fresh graduate. Mention briefly about what you have studied in your Graduation and quote your GPA. Demonstrate confidence about your knowledge, skill and capabilities to perform the job correctly.

2. If you are an experienced employee, you have a bigger role to play in the next job and you should job description thoroughly before applying for the job position.  Ensure that your skills and experience are completely in tune with the employers requirements.  Quote your education, skills, expert…