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9 signs you need help with resume writing

Your resume gives the final verdict about your work. It makes either special or leaves you as a job seeker. But how to find out that your resume requires reworking or revision.

1. It does not have the recent additions about your skills and duties

You must update your resume every one year. This will give you an overall self-assessment, improvement in capabilities and boosts expert energies.

2. Resume does not promote you for a promotion

When your boss does not approve your promotion, it indicates that your resume is not talking about your expert areas more in detail.

3. It is not getting short listed

If you are confident that you meet the job criteria, the tone of your confidence can surely give you a lot of scope to get short listed. Your resume is the most important document that will give you an exclusive and unique opportunity to find a good job.

 4. You never receive a call for interview

Interview calls are always for the right applicant and it may be you. When you do not receive a …

14 Common Misconceptions About Resume writing

Growing job opportunities have doubled the number of resumes and cover letters. HR executives find it very difficult to screen resumes and this has evolved new methods and systems to filter and short list the best candidates. However, it is everyone’s effort to pick the best job and you will try and find out several methods to write and produce the best draft to get selected. As a fresh job seeker your knowledge about resume writing is quite limited and some may do not have an idea as to what are the main focus areas of a resume. As some agree that a resume is all about getting a good job and giving the best info about your education, work experience and skill set. Let’s find out what are those misconceptions as discussed below: 1. Write it in anyway Stop. Think for a while. This is a matter of career growth. You should put very good efforts in designing a good resume. Leave no scope for typos, grammar errors, punctuation errors or errors in sentences. 2. The longer is your resume, the bette…