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How can good resume bring you a prospective placement?

There are many ways of presenting your resume.  Submitting your resume and a cover letter is the final step for applying for a job.  Before it is submitted, you would like to ensure that your resume is thoroughly good in its presentation and the fact that can bring you success in finding a good job.

What are the basics of a good resume?
A good resume will have genuine information about you. Your career line and employment history are the two major important aspects.  Professional skills must include your expertise in computer or in whichever line you have designed your career. Fluency in speaking various languages can also be an added skill for you.
Your achievements in your employment
Junior, middle, upper-middle or senior level, your resume can be highlighted with your accomplishments. Writing about your job tasks and how you coordinated with other staff in achievement of job tasks or projects can really bring a very good reputation to you.
Specify  Awards/Honors/Appreciation
Appraisal syst…