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How to choose the resume format ?

There are basically four types of resumes formats :
1.       Chronological Resume 2.       Functional Resume 3.       Combination Resume 4.       Hybrid Resume
A resume format is chosen depending on the educational qualifications, work experience and skills you have for a particular job. You definitely need to pay special attention to the job description and make sure that you meet all the requirements of a job and make your resume neat and appealing. 
The format of a chronological resume
1.       Name:
2.       Address:
3.       Phone and Email
4.       Career Objective
5.       Summary of work experience highlighting achievements
6.       Academic Qualifications
7.       Work Experience
8.      Responsibilities in job
9.      Achievements / key contributions 
10.   Volunteer/Community work

Functional Resume Format is as follows :
1.       Name: 2.       Address 3.       Email, phone 4.       Objective 5.       Achievement skill: [use of skill to solve a problem]
[use of skill resulting in improving contri…