How to take the years of job experiences to a senior level in your resume?

Job experience is a huge source of achievement to get upgrade and also to find new senior positions. In fact applicants who possess good job experience are highly in demand because of the fact that you have good training, work experience and knowledge of various methods and strategies to work on tasks.

Not only your education but also your employment reference and designation gives an overall and complete view to the prospective employer to select you for a suitable position in their company.

Therefore it must be your sincere endeavor and effort to get that new job and reach to the senior level position. While there are many important aspects to work on your resume in this stance, some of these are highlighted as :

  1. Highlight total years of work experience and the industry you have worked.
  2. Highlight all the accomplishments and the good changes you have brought to the company.
  3. If you have contributed to the growth of the company and if you are successfully managed the management of the company to follow your strategies, state all of these clearly.
  4. As a person how you stay and work in your chair as a boss and how you manage human resources is also a very good scale that employers check to place you in higher position.
  5. Reaching a highest position from the junior level management is a very big achievement and therefore the learning process will surely make more efficient, effective and highly strategic senior management applicant.

Giving a good presentation in your work experience profile will surely make you successful in getting a CEO, COO or a Managing Director position.


  1. Job experience is the important factor which you have to mentioned in your resume in professional way and the main thing is that you should be honest to write job experience skill in resume.


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