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Job opportunities in shipping industry

There are plenty of job opportunities in shipping industry. Beginning from the position of a technician to the position of a dockyard manager, depending on your education, work experience and the knowledge that you have to work in various ships, will surely entitle you to get a good job. But finding jobs in shipping industry is much easier now with the facility of online sources.
As you apply through online, you should constantly look for new opportunities and vacancies that are available in shipping industry.You can forward a copy of your resume along with cover letter and ensure that you submit your resume successfully. Once your resume has been selected for interview, you can surely expect a positive reply from the employer to hire you.
There are many shipping companies in various countries who maintain huge number of ships and perform a wide number of international and national businesses. Therefore employees to work in ships are definitely a requirement. The pay is quite attract…

How to find Online jobs for teenagers?

There are plenty of online jobs for teenagers in various categories. 

Depending on your interest you can find a good job that suits you. Data entry, logo design, web design, online writing and there are plenty of other jobs. Before you apply for an online job, it is important that you work on your resume carefully and ensure that you include accurate details in your resume and also write a neat cover letter.
Taking good research about online jobs will further enable you to find an online job that can offer you lot of benefits. Since you will be working on a part-time basis, you will be working on your studies and that is really important for your future settlement in a profession.
You can choose an online job that is quite convenient for you and which does not create any discomfort while pursuing your studies. Therefore keeping some of these benefits in view, you should start searching for online jobs.
Keep a two or more formats of your resumes and cover letter and upload from online…

How to find a job as a foreign national?

While residing as a foreign national, there are few basic aspects that you need to follow to find a job that suits to your profile. Work on your resume thoroughly and it should provide an accurate and complete view about your education, career profile, skills, expert areas and most importantly a valid reason to stay as a foreign national. 
While young students who are successful in completing advanced education programs who get good positions in good companies, working towards improvement and staying successful will surely give you more promotions in the job and also your career will be prospective.

Therefore keeping in view of the excellent benefits given to you as a foreign national, it is really important to prepare your resume along with cover letter that gives more details about your education, work experience if any along with your competent capabilities.
Working effectively and efficiently, will surely keep you as a satisfied employee and it is also important to maintain all …

How to decide and choose a job?

Choosing a job is also an art and requires perfect analysis and understanding before you finally accept the job offer and give joining report. While there are many aspects to consider a job, the most important aspect is about your position, prospects and your satisfaction in the job. Once you are comfortable in these aspects, you can surely consider that you have a good job and you also have secured future.
At times it becomes so difficult to take a decision about a job with the fact that the traveling time, the designation, duties and responsibilities or frequent travels or any other reasons are causing certain discomfort to you and you are unable to take a decision.
At this point, you should consider some of the basic factors that can help you to analyze about the probabilities and near future success for you by accepting the job. The first aspect is to understand that you haveready-job which is really important for you. The second aspect is, you can request for the assistance of y…

Need help with my resume for campus or off campus job

Students who are planning for a campus job or off campus job, must prepare a neat resume along with cover letter. Since your resume is generally for a part time job, you specify all your activities, education details, interests and hobbies. Further in your cover letter you should state why you wish to apply for a campus job and how you wish to attend to your job. Stating your objective in your resume and also mentioning about your areas of interests in your cover letter, will definitely help you to get a campus job or off campus job.
Further while working on your resume, you should provide your name, address and contact details. Your skills and capabilities will also help you in finding a good campus job.
Your extra curricular activities and hobbies will also give a good impression to your employer. Mentioning about volunteer activities if you have attended, it should be mentioned in your resume. By providing all the details in your resume which are closely in relevance and affirmin…

Do I put a recent job on resume ?

Resume must have all the details of your previous job and current job. Because of the fact that your prospective employer will be able to know all the jobs you have already attended and your capabilities in taking up more job tasks. This means your confidence levels and your expert areas will be more important for prospective employer who wish to select you.
Some times you are in doubt whether to state about recent job or not. Recent job explains that you are currently working for a company in certain designation and the fact that you are employed will encourage your employer to take a closer view of your resume. 
This is really important for you.
If you are in your current employment for more than one month or more than one year or any specified period of time, it is always recommended to specify it. This gives out a fact that you are employed and that you hold a job in a particular area.
Therefore specifying about your recent job in your resume is always important. Some times it so happ…

Should you state why you are suitable for the job in your resume cover letter ?

Many employers ask this question and request candidates to explain as to why they are suitable for job. Because employers would like to listen and know how exactly candidates can describe about their efficiency.
But if you are able to explain to the employer in your resume cover letter, you will surely receive good appreciation. At this point, your explanation should be polite, nice and very specific. It is true that reading takes lot of time, and candidates would like to utilize the opportunity of resume cover letter and would like to be in detail leaving no area unturned. 
While this is good effort, it is important to note that employer is interested only when you meet the job requirement.
To this extent if you focus on your resume cover letter, your efforts will definitely good results. Focus only on those areas in which your employer is interested and give emphasis in your resume cover letter that you will be meeting all the job requirements.
You can be brief or elaborate and i…

How to Get Help with Interview questions?

Job interview question or questions are in different areas. When you are preparing for the interview, it is always suggested to prepare a list of interview questions and write down all the appropriate answers and ensure a brief on how best you are presenting these to your employer.
The practice that you take about interview questions will help you to prepare well in advance and this will also make you more confident in many aspects. Further this will improve your standards of answering interview questions with proper answers.
Giving suitable answers to the questions is very much impressive and this will improve chances of getting a job for you easily.
Being more confident, attentive and professional will always ensure smooth processing of your interview. Giving a good thought to the question and answering each question properly in brief will save the time and this is also quite appreciating during the time of interview.
The more professional you sound, the better will be chances of getti…

Is my resume good?

Working on resume is really an important step for you. There are many areas that require your attention and this begins from your career goal. The first aspect to check about your resume is to assess whether your career goal is perfectly written according to your requirement and to the requirement of employer.
Because an employer is more interested and particular about what you have written in your objective and if you are specific you should be able to give proper and suitable answers at the time of interview.
At times when you are multi-skilled and looking for a multi-skilled position, to this extent you need to work on your resume which will be acceptable to employer. You are also comfortable because you are able to deliver and meet the job tasks in which you have capabilities to give the best performance.
The next part is to discuss about your profile summary briefly. This will ensure to give an overall view about your profile to the employer. Therefore giving the best content will i…