How to write a resume for an Administrative Assistant ?

Administrative Assistant resume must have lot of important points which include all your credentials, education, job experience, goals and achievements.

You must be very clear and concise in providing the correct information and it is also important that you prepare in advance for carrying out all the necessary tasks.

Since administrative assistant resume requires lot of content, you have a great opportunity to choose your words and this works for your benefit.

It is also important that you give a list of all the activities that you can perform independently which will help your employer to assign all such jobs to you.

Since there will be many daily jobs which may be repetitive or unique as per the day's requirement, your attendance and prompt response is very much required.

Some times you need to coordinate with your staff, arrange meetings, prepare minutes of meeting or fix appointments for your boss or make a review of performance.

Therefore it is really important that you must possess not only secretarial skills but also administrative skills.

If your resume is able give a perfect view of all your accomplishments surely, your administrative assistant resume will be shortlisted and you will be called for interview.

Apart from desk job, you should also be perfect in computer work so that you can prepare quick letters, send emails and work on documents.

Good communication skills will also be an added advantage for you.

Further if you possess good knowledge about flight booking, hotel booking and ordering flower bouquets and accessories for arranging meetings, it will still be more benefiting to your company.

A complete description of your job role will surely bring you a good name as it reveals all your capabilities and gives a very good impression to your employer.


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