How to write a Driver Resume ?

If you possess good experience in driving cars, trucks, vans and heavy vehicles, you should specify it in your work experience. Alternatively, you must specify which are the vehicles that you are comfortable in driving because if the vehicle given to you has never been used by you before, you may have to spend more time in learning about the vehicle.

Therefore it is really important for you state your driving experience clearly mentioning the bus models or car models which you have driven before.

For a driver job, your physical fitness and your license certifications are really important in order to perform your duties efficiently.

Since you hold all the certifications and have been keeping your profile neat, you can always look forward for a good driver job where the pay package is not only attractive but keeps you satisfied.

There are many transport companies and public and government agencies looking for young and energetic drivers.

As long as you maintain a good profile of your driver career, you will surely be able to receive success for a longer period of time.


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