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Resume writing Tips: How to write your Resume

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If you have started working on your resume, you will definitely search online for some of the best tips in making your resume look the best. In this blog post, I will be discussing some of the major aspects that give better presentation making it much easier to get placement.

As a fresher or an employee, your resume sells your skills and earns you a job. To make it work, your resume requires hours of work that qualifies you suitably. You cannot assess the competition or the number of applicants for a job, and this may even discourage you from applying. But a good resume acts on your behalf and despite being in hundreds; there is always a micro chance to get a call for an interview. But the entire success is depending on your resume.

  1. Choose Good Resume Template

There are plenty of resume templates available for free download. Choose one of the best templates that gives more scope for font visibility and format of a resume that looks more appealing. One of the best tips is to download one template and complete working on it. In the end, if you wish to change your template, you can download and accommodate the previously written content and give a thorough check for final reading.

The ready-made templates are available in single column or double column. Depending on the data your profile has, you need to make a selection. Most popular color being white background and black color font, in exceptional instances, color resumes are suitably recommended for senior executives. Otherwise, for a web designer, photographer or for professional painter, color resume templates are chosen for making the presentation professional and highly impressive.

  1. Start off by Education

As a beginner, if you wish to know where to start, education would be the best to begin. Provide name of the course, name of college/university and year of completion. GPA is required to be given if you are still in college or a fresh graduate.

 Internship / certification programs / can also be added as a separate sub-head. Additionally if there were some activities in which you offered your participation, it can be added.

While writing content for your resume, ensure to use proper terms and sentences to avoid grammar errors.

  1. Complete Work History

Work history comes if you have been working for more than 6 months or 1 year. It may be internship or full-time employment; you are required to furnish the details of company, city, job title and tenure. The most common description is to list the duties and responsibilities, while this is in order, it is recommended to add your main job core accomplishments in sales, marketing, finance or cost management. If you have won any awards, add in your accomplishments.

  1. Awards / Professional Memberships

Do not be surprised that I have added awards here again, because these would be in your education / sports or professional associates where your contribution has won you an award.

  1. Profile Summary

After almost writing all the sections of your resume, now try to work on career summary and give a brief of what your resume is about that quotes few keywords and summary of profile.


As they say “slow and steady wins the race”, your effort to write your own resume can bring good results, when you apply the formula of what the resume needs and not what you wish to write.

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